Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You know having read the article in the New York Times about promotion I can't help but think " How inaccruant are all other news stories that are printed in news print daily?"  We find ourselves tring to keep up with current events wheither here or abroad but again how accurant are they.  Even in our local weekly papers we see that some of the facts are just quiet right but we know different so we let it slide.  On a state, national or international bases we have no knowledge how much of it is the truth.

Also why don't reporter report "good" things instead of all the evil in the world.  Would love to pick up the daily paper just one day to find as much good news as they printed of bad the day before.  Not gonna happen as the good news don't sell papers.  Give those who do good deeds credit also not just the rapist or murders. 

The NY Times article was wrong.  WE, Dairy farmers, pay into a check off fund for the promotion of our dairy products.  These funds are controlled by a governing body of DAIRY FARMERS  with oversights by USDA for the purpose of making sure the funds are properly used for the promotion of dairy.  The government/taxpayers have no dollars in this what so ever.  Thank goodness.

This country was founded on the basic principle of people coming here to better themselves.  We all must rely on our own instincts to weed out the good from the evil in news reporting.  Reporters should get their facts straight before they are allowed to report on anything. 

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