Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Dairy Farmer

   Dairy Farmers are incredible people.  They get up at all hours of the night to tend to their animals.  They have to be a repairman, a vet, a nutrientousist, agronomist, a landscape artist, an engineer, financial wizard, a time organizer, a PR person, marketing specialist, and most of all a family person.  All the above are just the normal everyday things a dairy farmer does.  He loves his animals and give then the best care known to man because they provide for his family's living.  A happy healthy cow is a productive cow.
   Each day he/she goes about doing their daily tasks in a toiling manner.  Their schedules vary very little unless an emergency arises, ie sick child or cow or the heifers get out of their pasture.  Day in day out they do the same things over and over to near perfection in order to see that the cows are fed and cared for, crops are grown to feed those animals that they love, and that a product, MILK, is produced to provide a nutrientous product for human consumption.
   So as you go about your daily tasks just remember a farmer is out somewhere tending to his animals and crops so that a 176 other people will have food on their plates to eat this day.

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