Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Animal Care

Last evening I got a notice of a video coming out today on the mistreatment of calves on a farm in Texas.  So I logged in and started to watch the video so I could know the content of the video.  I only watched the first few seconds of it, got mad and shut it off.   Several reason I could not watch it.

1.  I could not stand ot understand why they were treating the calves that way.  I/my wife raises our baby calves for our replacements and no way would I or she or any of our employees treat our calves in this manner that I saw. 

2.  It upsets me that if this video is not staged that who ever is doing the videoing would not "love the animals" enough to stopp this abuse,  No where in the part I saw did it show any faces of those doing the abuse, another reason to think it was a staged video or at least the opening was.

3.  Calves grow up to be cows, our,the dairymans lively hood so why abuse what eventually will be making your living?  Calves are live children the more you teach them and care for them the more they will respect you and produce for you.

I do not condone abuse to any of our livestock and will take hash action against anyone who does and have stressed this to my employees in their training sessions.  I stress that these animals is what pays their salaries, provides a roof over their heads so you  better care for them or you won't have either.  So I have a great group of employees who I cn rely on and with cameras in our materinty pens I know they pay attention to details.

Just my thoughts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FFTF without Regionalization?????

A lot is being said, pros & cons, about the NMPF's Foundation For The Future in the past few weeks.  The dairy industry needs something to help substain it if it is to continue supplying the nutrient rich products needed  for human health.  Dairy producers cannot go thru another 2009 low price cycle. However today the margin is no better then 2009 as imput costs have soared to record levels while milk prices have improved but the margin is not there.  Dairy producers don't really want to get "rich" they just want to be able to pay there bills and have a lifestyle comparable to those working in factorys.

I feel FFTF is a start but it needs to be tweeked.  Most parts of it will benifit producers across the country but the supply management side is not taking into consideration the deficient production areas.  If passed and when the trigger is met to reduct supply because on the whole the U.S. is over producing why penalize deficient areas?  These deficient areas will have to reduce the same as everyone else while still bringing in milk from other parts of the U.S. to supply the market plus bring in the reduced amount.  This only costs the producers in the deficient who belong to marketing agencys within the areas because the agencies have to supplement the cost for the transportation into the deficient area.  This takes money from the producers pay price

Regionalization is something we all try to get away from but sometimes it is inevidial that it be used to help support producersd and consumers in that area.  FFTF will work even without regionalization if deficent production areas are taken into account when building the policy.

Just my thoughts.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Year?????

   2010 has done left us and a new calender year is here.  But what has changed?  Did our surrounds change?  Did the cows change their habits?   What really changed when the clock stuck 12 midnight on December 31?

    I went to bed early that night.  I haven't set up to see the calender year change for a long time now.  but when I got up at 4 on January 1, 2011 I saw nothing different.  The things in the house looked the same, the dairy barn was right where it was the night before, so I could not see what we had gained from the night before. 

   Life causes change to happen every day.  A lot of us don't like some of the changes that life deals us but we must except it and more on.  a lot of folks say "boy I hope 2011 is a better year then 2010".  Ok now "better" in what way?  Financially, heatlh wise or just better?

We go about our hectic life always wanting something better.  But over the course of a calender year things changes and we have to adapt or get lost in the shuffle of things.  Life waits for no one it goes on and on and on. 

So may you have a Happy New Year ALL year long and maybe on December 31, 2011 you can say  This has been a great year but I hope 2012 is "better".