Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life Today

   We all live a very fast pace and hectic life style these days.  More important do we realize the pace we go?  Having had a "few" moments to reflect upon this while setting in a seat on an airplane these past few weeks it has come to mind....NO WE DO NOT.  We all have a routine that we go by to start off each day, it is a habit.  If we are not home then we develop a different routine for where we are.  It is simple we are in a routine filled society that for the most part only we know our own routines.  If others catch on to what we do & when we do it they can almost set their watches to us.  If we over sleep for some reason life can get difficult in a hurry as our routine won't work and everything falls apart.  But we somehow adapt to whatever comes our way.
   As we get older these things come to mind more readily for we realize that our days are numbered by our Creator.  We remember the things our parents taught and told us as if they were yesterday and not weeks, months or years ago.  O we should have ask them more or remembered more.  But we need to cherish each of those thoughts.
   So live your hectic life as if there was no tomorrow for as they say "Tomorrow never comes" but memories always linger.

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